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Trying Out New Things

By April 27, 2020 No Comments
I’m sure that many people have heard by now that now is the perfect time to try out new things. We have more time for self-improvement and doing the things we’ve wanted to do but never had the time for. I’m here to tell you that I couldn’t agree more.
I was in an AIESEC project in Costa Rica at the start of this year.It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I wish I could go back, and one day I will for sure. Anyway, one night in Costa Rica me and my friends from our project were in a beach bar by the Caribbean Sea (<3). My friend from Brazil said she is going to do a list of 30 things she hasn’t done before and is going to try this year. I was inspired by her to do the same thing.
On my list, I have things such as ”learn to play the guitar”, ”go hiking” and ”ride a snowmobile”. I also have things like ”read more books” and ”eat more salads” – things that I have done before but wish to do more to improve the quality of my life.
Recently I borrowed an old guitar from my brother and I’ve been playing it an hour every day now. It’s too small and always a bit out of tune, but for my purposes, it’s just fine. I have learned how to read tabs and some basic music theory. I know that I’m not that good yet, but it doesn’t matter, I don’t have to be.
More important thing than being good is that it brings joy to my life. So, I encourage all of you to find something new that can bring you some happiness during these times. It’s so easy to just lay on the couch all day and watch Netflix. I myself am guilty of this, too. But after a while, it can get really boring. So finding something new and exciting can make your life more fulfilling.
It can be something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for, or it can be something totally foreign that you never even thought you could enjoy doing.
Either way, I wish you the best of luck. Stay healthy!
This post was written by Henna who participated in a Global Volunteer project in Costa Rica during winter 2020.