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Meet our National Team

Isabella Saraceni

National President

+358  45 78346328

Gabriele Wakiyama

National Head of Talent Management and Organizational Development

+55 31 9350-2058

Lissa Machado

National Head of Social Projects

+1 (849) 806-1721

Philipy Ferreira

National Head of Marketing

+55 61 983166888

Zine Mohcine

National Head of Finance and Legalities and Partnership Development

+213 659 37 43 97

Meet our Local Committees

Sarah Selei

President, AIESEC in Turku

Laura Kuja-Kyyny

President, AIESEC in Jyväskylä

Thinh Nguyen (Eddie)

President, AIESEC in Tampere

Anh Tran

President, AIESEC in Helsinki

Henna Vanninen

President, AIESEC in Oulu

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    We are a Youth Leadership Movement

    We proudly count a Nobel Peace Price laureate and numerous world, business and NGO leaders amongst our one million strong alumni community across the world. To date, we've delivered over 480,000 internship and volunteering experiences, and it's all been led by young leaders who believe in making the world a better place.

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