COVID-19 Official statement

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Helsinki, 17th of March 2020

Dear partner,

As you are all aware, the recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus-(2019) continues to spread across the world.

As AIESEC in Finland we are aware of the current situation according to the spread of this virus and the measurements that are taking accordingly. We are in constant contact with the relevant authorities, entities and exchange participants.

To assure the safety of our members, exchange participants and partners we have taken the following measurements:
– There will be no offline promotional activity for the AIESEC products in the universities until the 15th of April.
The members and exchange participants are informed on the precautions they should take to avoid getting affected by the virus.
– As AIESEC in Finland we are in constant contact with the exchange participants who are abroad at the moment and taking the necessary measurements based on the preference of the exchange participant and the situation in the particular country.
– Our local offices are strongly advised to take the measurements of the government and AIESEC seriously. They are advised to not have any physical touchpoints and to communicate online.
– We formed a national risk management team to update these measurements and act accordingly to the advice of official websites, the government and other organizations.
– We will not send anyone abroad before the 1st of June.

These measurements can be shortened or prolonged depending on the developments of the situation of the outbreak.

Besides these measurements we are taking, we are constantly updating our members, exchange participants and partners according to the changes and measurements we are taking as an organization.

As AIESEC in Finland we are committed to ensure the safety of its members, exchange participants and partners. We are taking all necessary measures to ensure this safety. If you need any further information and clarification please do not hesitate to approach us directly at finland@aiesec.net via email or by phone +358407371663.

Diego Felizola
President of AIESEC in Finland