AIESEC is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

Why We Do What We Do

AIESEC's Leadership Development Model.

AIESEC’s Leadership Development model is how we at AIESEC in Finland ensure the development of leadership skills of each member and participant of our various programs. Our goal is to assist our members in reaching their inner and outer development goals. We aim to develop leadership skills in our members that will have a positive impact on our society both today and in the future.

Outer Journey

No learning is ever complete without pushing your boundaries.The Outer Leadership Journey connects individual responsibilities with clear goals that push you outside you comfort zones to learn and explore. AIESEC in Finland provides assistance and a supportive network through your journey in developing skills necessary for leadership.

Inner Journey

The Inner Leadership Journey connects personal understanding and reflections with goals to guide their experience of leadership and development of relevant skills in their personal and professional lives.

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